Human Connection
Diversity and Inclusion

Why does Human Connection matter?

Human Connection is the most important step that individuals need to take before experiencing authentic inclusion.

Human Connection can only exist when individuals experience mutual understanding, exchange trust, engage in open and honest dialogues, and, consequently, successfully disintegrate the notion of "otherness".

It is an imperative condition for the establishment of interpersonal relationships based on human alliance and value recognition.

Due to its values-based nature, our ability to connect mirrors the extension of our unmet core emotional needs, which are, usually, unconsciously projected in our interpersonal relationships.  

When these needs are fully recognized, assessed and consciously addressed with healthy and open dialogic practices, they transform and dissolve our internal resistance to connection.

Without authentic human connection, inclusive practices and policies only address individuals' behavioral change and, therefore, are not grounded on value-based mindsets. This means that inclusive practices, projects and guidelines not grounded in authentic human connection are at risk of rupture or receding when outside pressures are removed or changed.

Image by Maria Oswalt

Sustainable Inclusion

So many groups have been historically marginalized from society in multiple countries around the globe.

While each country has its own historical contributions to the current social exclusion experienced by diverse groups in their respective societies, the core internal individual barriers that contribute to the distance between members of different groups are the same (i.e. lack of human connection foundations in interpersonal relationships). 

Organizations with employees affiliated with multiple and diverse identities, such as racial, sexual, linguistic, migration status, gender, religious affiliations, among others, should invest in resources and specialized training that assess and rebuild the necessary human connection and empowerment foundations among employees.

Investing in human connection among employees strenghens their adherence to authentic inclusive mindsets and values, which are mirrored in sustainable and long-term inclusive behaviors, practices and services.