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Who We Are

WeConnect Worldwide, LLC (or WeCo) is a group of international consultants from multiple fields that create and implement Diversity & Inclusion risk analysis, DEI audits and planning, and tailored DEI training for organizations, institutions and agencies across the globe. By combining academics, humanitarians, educators, and business specialists as part of one team, we offer holistic services in support of sustainable DEI strategies and practices that are in alignment with the United Nations Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission

WeConnect Worldwide (or WeCo) accelerates authentic human connection among individuals from diverse backgrounds. We accomplish this via specialized training and consultancy, which strengthens the foundations associated with diplomacy, advocacy, individual integrity, and sustainable community development.

Our Values

WeCo consultancy and specialized training are built on the understanding that sustainable change can only happen when mindset transformation is accompanied by behavioral change. For this reason, our services reflect the following core values:

  • committing to open and honest dialogues generates diplomacy

  • dissolving "otherness" strengthens advocacy for diversity and inclusion

  • valuing truthfulness and authenticity leads to individual integrity and sustainable community development


Human Connection Development Consultancy and Training

WeConnect Worldwide specialists represent diversity in all its forms, including gender, disability, ethnicity, nationalities, and more.

Our specialized services have been designed over years from our unique global experience with diversity and inclusion and field research in multiple countries.

& integrate 

DEI training and consultancy options are available everywhere but they lack an essential piece of the puzzle that is:
How to foster sustainable Human Connection.

WeConnect Worldwide, LLC specialists are uniquely positioned to elevate your company´s human connection culture to the next level.



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